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Frequently Asked Questions

A ton of bands have donated to charities.  What makes you any different?

That’s so very true, and it’s absolutely wonderful when bands do so.  The difference is that this isn’t just one song, video, or concert we’re donating the proceeds from—we’re donating the proceeds from everything.  Every penny from every single song, video, stream, or piece of merchandise sold goes to charity.  In addition to that, as this all begins to build and take shape, we will be working on foot in our community to organize hands-on local events focused on improving our city.

What kind of help do you provide?

Please click HERE to visit the HOW WE HELP page.

How are you funded?

So far, we have been 100% self-funded by the individuals who started Till The Days End.  With this website's launch on January 24th, 2020, we have included a DONATE page where you can directly contribute to help ease our operating costs if you so choose.  You can visit that page to make a donation by clicking HERE.  Everything we do from January 24th, 2020 onward will be funded by the combination of self-funding by the individuals that started Till The Days End and any other kind soul that chooses to make a direct donation to Till The Days End.

Are you affiliated with any political association or religious establishment?

Definitely not.  For us, nothing is discussed that creates a division between people.  You will never see us share our view on religion, government, police, abortion, or politics.  We are about making connections and building a bridge from one human to another.  This is critical to the project. 

How does the pricing work?

You can download each song we release directly from our website on the MUSIC page by clicking HERE, or through our Bandcamp page by clicking HERE.  We highly recommend Bandcamp as it offers the highest quality possible.  The pricing is the same for either option:  The base price for each single we release is $1.00.  You have the option to pay more if you’d like, and all additional money donated for each song WILL go to the specific charity that’s been paired with that particular song.

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount we donate to charity is the total amount we receive after Bandcamp and/or PayPal have taken their respective transaction fees.

Can I donate to you directly to help keep you doing what you’re doing?

Yes!  We operate on a fairly small budget, with all money from that budget coming directly out of the pockets of the individuals that founded Till The Days End.  If you feel you’d like to help contribute, we do accept direct donations via our DONATE page, which you can reach by clicking HERE.

How can I be sure my money goes to where you’re saying that it goes?

Nothing is more paramount to us than transparency and accountability when it comes to our finances.  We will continually post updates sharing information on the money we have coming in from all revenue sources, as well as the donations that we’re making with those proceeds.  To see a very detailed ‘paper trail’ of all our donations past and present, please visit our NEWS BLOG page by clicking HERE.  Just above the latest News Blog post are keywords you can use to sort them.  Click on the “Accountability” option to see a comprehensive list of where the money’s going. 

So we know where all the revenue from each specific song purchase goes.  How about all the revenue from streaming services?

That’s a great question, and one we don’t have a set answer to just yet.  We will for sure be receiving revenue in time from sites like YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.  As that revenue trickles in and we see what it amounts to, we will decide at that point what to do with it.  It could be that we choose a set charity to receive it, or perhaps we’ll choose a different charity each time.  Regardless of what we decide to do, you will be kept up to date on where that money goes as we receive it.

Who are you?  Why be anonymous?

The short answer is that we have chosen to stay anonymous to keep the positivity and good deeds the central focus of what we do.  


The long answer can probably best be explained by giving you an example:  Let’s say that someone has decided to help the homeless by buying some meals and giving it to them—truly a great gesture. However, they also choose to have someone else take a video so that they can post their good deed online for all the world to see.  A large portion of the people sitting at home watching will cry foul about how braggadocious doing this is—even though many of them have never done a damn thing to help out another person in their entire life.  A smaller portion, however, may just see the act and be kick-started to go do something nice for someone else.  There’s an undeniable and infectious power in that.  We see both sides of the coin here and have examined each one thoroughly, and we came to the conclusion that YES, good deeds have far more impact when you can inspire more people to join you in doing them, but also that YES, it can lessen the impact when you are perceived as doing something good solely for the credit.  We believe that anonymity gives us the best of both worlds. 


Who we are doesn’t matter—helping does. 

With that said, we will always shine a light on the musicians and producers that continue to keep providing their gracious sonic gifts to us. You can find those credits posted along with every single piece of music we release.

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