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Donations made & paid for April 2020 & beyond…

As we continue to push through this pandemic crisis, we put a large focus this past month or so on gathering as many items as we could for the Gale Recovery House here in Frederick. Idle time is beyond tough for those in recovery, and just having something to do to stay occupied can make all the difference. We were so touched by the large outpouring of support from our community—they contributed a MASSIVE amount of games, cards, puzzles, and treats. For anyone who donated—THANK YOU!

$200 was paid to Frederick Rock School to cover the cost of tuition for 2 students for the month of May.

The last we saw, $178 had been raised for the Mental Health Association of Frederick via the “donate” link on our Facebook post for “The Road To Awakening”. At some point this button vanished. Truth be told, we’re having a bit of an issue with the “donate” buttons we’ve been adding to each of our releases. Not only do they vanish, we also get no detailed information on how much we’ve raised. Googling the issue hasn’t provided any real help, if anyone out there understands more of the specifics about using them we’d love to hear from you. How long they last for, some sort of final report that shows what you earned for a charity, and any other specific info would be very helpful. If you know more about this, please reach out:

$26.49 of additional money was raised via Bandcamp for sales of the track “The Road To Awakening”. We threw in $23.51 of our own to round it up to a nice even $50 which was donated to the Mental Health Association of Frederick on 5.13.20.

$100 was donated to MusiCares on 5.12.20. They’re not a local charity by any means, but the help they provide the music community is absolutely incredible. Truly a worthwhile charity that we fully believe in.

Lastly, we dropped off some supplies at a lovely local Trading Post run by a kind soul named Kara. It’s really inspiring what she’s doing for the community. You can find out more via the Facebook group for “Frederick’s TP Trading Post”. If you’re interested in taking part, PLEASE make sure you call first and obey all social distancing rules posted both in the group, and in front of her porch.

That’s about it for our latest work. We’ve temporarily paused releasing music so we can continue to donate what we can to our community. A lot of resources go into each track release and we feel that money could be better spent helping others during this time. We promise more music will be coming as soon as we get back to some sense of normalcy. Please stay strong out there.

-Till The Days End

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