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Donations made & paid for March 2020 & beyond…


That’s about all we can really say to sum up this current pandemic crisis. As time pressed on and we realized how much help was needed by so many, we decided to switch gears to provide as much assistance as we possibly could. This included scrapping our advertising budget we were saving up for and shutting down our plans to begin the next stages of the recording process for our next batch of songs, and instead use that money where it was clearly needed more. That, combined with our own personal savings, some personal funds from some of the musicians we work closely with in this project, and a HUGE amount of donations from some beautiful souls in our community, all made it possible for us to do so many great things during this awful time.

$200 was paid to Frederick Rock School to cover the cost of tuition for 2 students for the month of April. The money to cover this cost for this month was donated to us by Josh Clark from Dark Hollow Studios. He’s the incredible artist responsible for all of the artwork for our singles we release.

$55 has been raised so far for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation via the “donate” link on our Facebook post for “The Great Dying”.

A VAST amount of food was provided to help some local folks, from those currently out of work, to those getting meals at our local food bank, all the way to those that are working on the frontlines to keep us safe. We don’t have an exact total, but the pics below will give you some idea of just how much food we’re talking about here.

Lastly, we tried to provided as much direct financial help as we could to those who really needed it-whether it be for bills, medication, groceries, etc.

It can be hard to see the good in situations like the one the world is experiencing right now but we have truly seen the good in people first hand and it’s been nothing short of inspiring. We’ll continue to do everything in our power to keep the momentum going.

-Till The Days End

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