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Donations made & paid for February 2020

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

First off, we apologize for being a little behind on our update regarding payouts for the month of February. We unfortunately missed the 1pm donation cutoff last Tuesday at the Heartly House, so we had to wait to drop everything off until this Tuesday. We tried to cover as many of the listed items they are in need of as possible, while also throwing in a few treats and extras. If you’re in the Frederick area and would like to make a donation in person as well, please visit this link for more info:

In addition to the donations we made in person, we also raised $50 so far for the Heartly House via the “donate” link on our Facebook post for “Once Upon A Time”.

$200 was paid to Frederick Rock School to cover the cost of tuition for 2 students for the month of March.

No additional purchases were made/donations given for our January track “Horizons”, so we decided to personally donate $35 to the Gale Recovery House. According to the Gale Recovery House website, this amount will cover 1 Welcome Kit which includes a complete set of Bed Bath & Beyond linens for new patients.

That wraps up our payouts for February. Once again, thank you to everyone that made a donation, streamed our song, or helped spread the word about our project. More coming soon.

-Till The Days End

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