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Donations paid for June 2020 & beyond…

Not much more to update than there was the last month, still working through this pandemic, yet another month where we once again have focused our efforts on setting aside whatever money we possibly can for the charities we support, of which we’ve added a new one this month. We’ve been keeping an eye on the incredible work Aje Hill has been doing with his nonprofit organization “I Believe In Me”, and it’s beyond impressive. From mentoring youth to keeping hundreds of families fed during this pandemic-it’s truly inspiring work. You can read more about IBM by visiting their website here:

$200 was paid to Frederick Rock School to cover the cost of tuition for 2 students for the month of July.

$100 was donated to I Believe In Me Inc of Frederick, MD.

$35 was donated to the Gale Recover House in Frederick, MD. According to their website, this amount will cover 1 Welcome Kit which includes a complete set of Bed Bath & Beyond linens for new patients.

$35 was donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

$35 was donated to the Mental Health Association of Frederick, MD.

$35 was donated to the Heartly House in Frederick, MD.

We’re working on dates to get some drums tracked for our next batch of songs now. As we stated last month, our progress with releasing music will naturally occur when we reach a point where we have enough money coming in to cover the donations we would like to make first, while still having enough set aside to continue to create music. As always, our work within the community will always come first, followed closely by our desire to create positive and uplifting music. Please continue to stay strong.

-Till The Days End

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