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Donations paid for November & December 2020, taking a pause to reset.

Rounding out the year, we’ve again covered the tuition for two students at the Frederick Rock School for both November and December. We also worked to raise a little extra money for them as well, as it’s just such an incredible cause.

We’ve decided that we’re going to take a pause on updates while we are sitting back just waiting for this pandemic to pass. Months have passed without any real update, so there isn’t really a need to keep updating when there isn’t much to report. This pandemic has absolutely taken it’s toll on us as individuals-just like it has for so many others. We’re hoping with the promise of the vaccine being widely released that we can eventually get back to our lives, our jobs, our music, and our charity. Please stay safe out there and take care of yourselves. We’ll be back soon!

-Till The Days End

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